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Partnering to improve lives

Communities are living systems, facing ever-adapting challenges. We honor this powerful principle in our work at C4MH, where each personal outcome nurtures the greater whole. By moving beyond a battle against disparate symptoms to solutions that heal the integrated whole, we build communities defined not by their challenges, but a spirit of resolute resilience. We equip our partners with modern care platforms, a unique holistic wellness lens from a proven pioneer in behavioral health.

When life pushes, resilience enables communities to come together and push back, rising and recovering as one, gaining from the challenge and always ready for what’s next.

Many Rivers Whole Health has been partnering to improve lives for 45 years. Originally, the North Central Community Mental Health Center was established in 1974 to serve the nine county region from Great Falls to the Hi-Line. This wheat farming region is often referred to as “The Golden Triangle,” so Many Rivers Whole Health became Golden Triangle Community Mental Health Center.

In 1997 Many Rivers Whole Health began providing services to the tri-county Area: Lewis & Clark, Broadwater, and Jefferson counties. Meagher County was added in 2005. This addition expanded the total service area to 10 counties, and Many Rivers Whole Health now serves over 3,000 clients in Central Montana.

In Cascade County alone, Many Rivers Whole Health serves over 2,400 people. In Helena and the tri-county area, Many Rivers Whole Health serves more than 1,700. The Hi-Line’s “Frontier Counties” (less than 6 people per square mile) have outpatient offices in almost every county in Central MT. Community mental health centers were started nationwide during the deinstitutionalization movement in the 1960-70s to provide community-based services in order to live outside state hospitals. The institutional cost savings is remarkable when the census of the MT State Hospital went from 2,000 patients to less than 200. MT State Hospital is currently licensed for 189 beds but is unable to refuse patients even if the census is greater.


Center was established


Began providing services to tri-county area


Meagher County added to service area


Clients served in Central Montana


Clients served in Cascade County alone


Patients served outside of state hospitals

Our Values

Ambassador of the Center

I am involved in the community. I am a positive ambassador of Many Rivers Whole Health in everything I do.

Own it

I am responsible for my actions. I embrace mistakes to gain the opportunity to expand and grow. I am always part of the solution. I always ask, “What else can I do?”

Individuals Matter

Everything starts with me. I make a point to appreciate and recognize others. I matter and you matter.

Embrace Change

I want to be on the leading edge and be a leader of change. I understand we get better through change, so I take the time to explain the why of change and listen to the why of change. I positively promote change.

Create Joy

Look for opportunities to enjoy what I do, every day. Create joy and pay it forward.

Show Up. Step In.

I am responsible for my actions. I embrace mistakes to gain the opportunity to expand and grow. I am always part of the solution. I always ask, “What else can I do?”


I will celebrate Beautiful Minds

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