Heather exhibits the best of what we have to offer at Many Rivers Whole Health. She participates in numerous meetings and committees as an Ambassador bringing forth both her ideas and expertise in a compassionate and professional manner. She further demonstrates the value of Show Up and Step In with her willingness to always take on and help whether that is taking a meeting with a community partner, covering positions within the office when there are absences, and always volunteering to se what she can do to help move us forward as an agency. Her ability to be self-reflective and continue to strive for growth as a professional and leaders shows the value of Own it. In addition, she shows Individual Matter with her attention to the needs of the clients that her teams serve as well as the needs of her employees. She consistently brings forth any issues that need to be addressed or resolved on behalf of her office and is persistent in her pursuit of finding a reasonable solution that works for all involved. Within her time at the agency, Heather has demonstrated an incredible ability to Embrace Change-first with the changes at the state level to the PACT program in which she was the Team Lead and following numerous changes that have come forth in her role as Director. She rolls with the change, takes a minute to breathe as needed, and continues to march forward. Finally, Heather creates an immense amount of joy. She nearly always has a smile on her face, finds the positive in all things that come forward, and demonstrates impeccable humor that keeps smiles on faces of those around her. For these reasons and so many more, I think Heather should be the Employee of the Month.