In terms of an outstanding representative for Many Rivers I don’t think you could find a better one. Kumal shows up every day with a positive, helpful attitude. He is always willing to help, whether it’s a client, co-worker, teacher, student or anyone else, you can count on Kumal. He has single handedly managed the relationship between CSCT and CMR, building trust and confidence in the CSCT program offered by Many Rivers. Over the last month he has gone above and beyond to meet the needs of our clients no matter what they are. He has consistently supported me as I get my feet under me and learn the ropes both of CSCT and the school. With my time divided between schools I never worry about what is happening at CMR when I can’t be there because I know Kumal has everything under control. I can’t think of a better person to be nominated and selected as employee of the month for Many Rivers; Kumal genuinely meets and exceeds what it means to be a good co-worker, good employee, good behavior specialist, and good human. I hope you will acknowledge his hard work and dedication by choosing him as employee of the month!