I am nominating Keli for Employee of the Month. Keli took on the building of a brand-new team and services in the rural area with enthusiasm and passion. Her team works out of multiple locations; however, she has found a way to bring joy into their workplace, connection and feeling of value for all team members. Keli is a strong ambassador for Many Rivers, she attends community meetings to promote the services that Many Rivers Whole Health (MRWH) has to offer. She actively advocates for services to expand to fill the gaps in the rural communities that she serves. Recently she was successful at promoting and bringing together leaders to talk about expansion of services in a smaller county. Keli demonstrates that individual matters. She advocates for her clients’ finding resources and services. She took extra training to be able to receive and distribute food commodities for clients in need. Keli sets up training for her team, paying close attention to their goals and growth. When there are issues on her team, Keli owns the problem and looks for solutions across levels and services. Keli shows up and steps in by being prepared for meetings both at the agency & at the state level. She advocates for changes not only within the organization but also at the community and state level. Keli articulates the impact of decisions in a manner that promotes discussion without defensiveness. Keli is an asset to MRWH!