“Suzanne has been an amazing member of our team for years. She not only has always been supportive

and advocated for her team members’ needs, she has also been willing to jump in and help wherever

needed! She is full of hop for our team when we feel weary. Nearly the most admirable characteristic

is her humility-when in the face of tough feedback or disgruntled employees, she shines with care and

will take a look at how much of it she can own to make it right. She is positive in embracing changes

that the company needs to make, and this is a big deal as a leader because it helps us orient our attitudes

as well. Thank you Suzanne for all you do and how patient you are with us as we learn and are

challenged with the job of helping our community members!”

Nominated by: Autumn Pierce

“As a supervisor, she has been patient and caring to provide instruction on day-to-day issues. She also

has been patient to give constructive input on things that I needed additional information. She has

been the best boss! As a decent human being, she was so thoughtful when my husband went through

cancer surgery. I appreciated how she was always checking in on my own stress.”

Nominated by: Robin Ratcliff

“Suzanne has been a bright beacon not only the last month, but since I started. She has been present and available for not only myself, but all

of her direct and indirect staff. I have seen her help cover down on the front desk, help the CRRs through training and adding more staff, taking

on CSCT interim supervisor as well as HSS. She has a wonderful open-door policy and makes time during her day and weekly schedule to make

the important meetings and meet 1-on-1 with her staff. She has been able to support me in my personal journey and growth as a new outpatient

therapist. She sees my strengths, knowledge, skills and abilities and encourages me on a daily basis. She always has a smile on her face and

takes each day with grace. She is an exceptional boss and with her supervision and guidance I have been able to flourish.”

Nominated by: Candice Griffith