Jeanette has been providing support to her peers (currently with injuries) by covering their areas to help keep Many Rivers flowing. When you ask Jeanette for support she always has a “let’s do it” approach supporting the Show Up/Step In motivation.  If you can’t find Jeanette at her desk, you mostly likely will find her walking youth clients arounds the neighborhood in local schools or providing support to peers. Jeanette has been a huge resource over the past two weeks and I can’t thank her enough for supporting the office with Joy, Enthusiasm, and client support – serving in the role of Many Rivers Ambassador to Community Partners, families, and CSCT.  Recently, Jeanette even drove to CMR High School to help with a teen bathroom situation that most would have run the opposite direction.  Thank you Jeanette for setting the example, bringing fun factor, and setting the example that peers and individuals matter – You are appreciated!!