I have had the wonderful privilege to work with Aspacelia Geranios on several occasions coordinating care for clients, in the short time I have been employed here. I will always remember by find time working with here and a client in crisis. It was a homeless client, who I later diagnosed with Schizophrenia, who she had established a report with and who was now back because he was in crisis again. I met with the client until she was available to also meet with us. He was quick to recognize I wasn’t her but was willing to come to my office and talk. When Asapcelia came in, a couple minutes later, I watched as she calmly, compassionately, and respectfully met the client where he was and expertly review this safety plan with him. I learned about the safety plan program through her and by watching her work through it. This allowed me to watch the interaction and the client to better establish a baseline diagnosis. We worked seemingly in sync with each other like we have done it for a long time. Asapcelia’s background in Psychology and her dedication to helping coordinate care represents the Many Rivers values and the dedication to outreach other community of Great Falls. After the multiple opportunities I have been able to work with both her and the client, I, feel a sense of safety and peace. Her presence is calming to those she is around. She has a way of talking to people that just puts them at ease instantly and she is able to coordinate care seamlessly during her meetings. It is a please and a joy to have the opportunity to work with her.

Nominated by: Candice Griffith