Marina is an outstanding representative for Many Rivers, and I strongly recommend that you consider Marina LaRocque, Care Coordinator in Great Falls as Employee of the Month! She is always willing to help in supporting our mission in any way that she can. A glimpse to what Marina volunteers for is: creating fantastic self-care articles in the monthly MRWH Newsletter, recently attended a job fair, and is a member of the Employee Engagement Committee. If you notice these are extra tasks that she volunteers while not hindering her own workload with assisting our clients and on top of this, she is attending school to obtain her master’s degree! She clearly has demonstrated to be a dedicated, hard worker for clients, co-workers, and supporting the MRWH mission. I would describe Marina as kind, gentle, patient, dependable, and has a contagious smile. All of these are descriptive to why she is an Ambassador of MRWH and shows that individual’s matter, creates joy, embraces change, shows up and steps in. Thank you, Marina for all that you do! You rock and are an inspiration to others! We appreciate YOU!