Nicki has been with this organization for over a decade ( 12+ years) and is a great asset to Many Rivers and the MACT team. She has represented MRWH (C4MH) in multiple community settings and has worked alone and alongside several others in Conrad and surrounding rural areas. While being an ambassador of MRWH in multiple settings, Nicki has required little to no supervision to complete tasks responsibly and timely. Nicki communicates very well with supervisors and co-workers whether remotely or in the same office, asking for assistance and information when needed.

It’s apparent Nicki thinks individuals matter by the work that she did in case management and now does in care coordination. Nicki goes the distance for those in need, literally and figuratively in our rural areas, helping coordinate services as often as she delivers them herself.
Nicki creates joy with her sense of humor, her perspective on many matters, and her levity in times of crisis. Nicki transitioned seamlessly from case manager to care coordinator, and from working alone to working with a team. She is unwavering in her dedication to assisting others, despite and often because of changes in this organization and the systems of care we all work within.

Nicki is steadfast in the face of crisis, a port in the storm. She is experienced, sympathetic, and logical. She regularly helps train new team members, fills in for team members when they’re away, and assists with tasks as needed while remaining focused on priorities and upholding boundaries. Nicki sets a great example of balancing work and personal life and being reliable.

The MACT team is fortunate to know and work with Nicki, and we appreciate her very much!