“Rachel always goes above and beyond to ensure her teammates and families she serves are cared for.  Being new to the Many Rivers program, Rachel went above and beyond to make quick 2 min videos to

help with basic tasks around the office, sent check in emails and Teams messaging even drove over to help cover bulletin boards and windows for privacy with wrapping paper in order to help expedite seeing

clients outside her assigned school. Rachel has gone out of her way to ensure the new team members have been welcomed, ensures we are supported and also takes the time to help staff navigate challenges with

training retention, family dynamics knowledge and in school support staff navigation. During Summer CSCT programming, U witnessed Rachel jumping into pools, chasing teens at the park, and at one point,

providing assistance for an unresponsive adult found down in the grass by phoning 9-1-1. Rachel is often witnessed picking up celebration cakes for peers, walking in with snacks she picked up for a local elementary school CSCT Team or ensuring her peers have simple things like dry erase markers and sticky notes. I have been teasing Rachel over the Summer by telling her she could be one of the benefit perks on the Many Rivers List of reasons to work here. ‘Everyone gets a Rachel’ Plan, Rachel laughs but she has been a huge help to what could have been a confusing process with documentation, learning new policy and procedure practices and has filled the office with fun factor. Rachel embodies a welcoming professional approach to office support and is an amazing example of what Many Rivers strives to achieve with customer service to coworkers, community partners and families we serve. Rachel is a Rock Star!”