Elvira Walhus dedication in serving our clients should be recognized and she has been with the company since July of 2012, Wow, amazing! She currently is our only Adult Therapeutic Aide in the company and works in Great Falls. She truly is an Ambassador for MRWH and is in our community most of her days working our clients. She drives clients to doctor appointments, shopping, and anything else that the client needs, and does this all with a smile on her face! Elvira has a sweet spirit and loves working with her clients. The following characteristics come to mind about Elvira: kind, courageous, resilient, persistent, patient, caring, dependable, trustworthy, and of course, she is an amazing employee that brings joy to her clients and coworkers! In addition, she is a team player that regularly steps up to assist her peers, when needed while still completing her own client workload. Elvira is an asset to MRWH and we appreciate all her dedicated work. Thank you for all your hard work and years of service to the company.