It is impossible to describe how much Cami Imperato brings to the table as an Addiction Counselor in training. She goes above and beyond on a daily basis and never loses her positive spirit. She pushes to provide the best quality of care possible and does not care if that means taking on extra duties, working longer than expected, etc. She also excels with helping to improve employee morale, and she plays a big role with helping the counselors be the best they can be. There is not enough room on this page to note everything she does, but anyone working with her knows, she is consistently amazing!”

Lisa Gilcher works on the PACT team as a Care Coordinator in Great Falls and has worked for the company since October 2000. With these many years working for the company, she contributes a lot to the PACT Team. She loves being on the PACT team and provides the “best” for our clients. She is always willing to step in and step up to help meet our client’s needs and for her co-worker’s. Lisa is kind, friendly, and compassionate. She recently stepped up to sit in on an interview for one of our open positions. I think Lisa should be awarded Employee of the Month. Thank you for considering Lisa for this award for her dedicated service to the mission and to our clients!