Jackie has lived out the values in ways that are admirable throughout COVID. She Showed Up and Stepped In by covering YCM, HSS, FBS for the past two months while the rest of the team was moved around. She came in everyday with a smile and a positive attitude and worked to come up with creative ideas to work with families and clients and did well with embracing the change that was all around us.

She has been doing food deliveries to several of our families six days a week to ensure that needs are being met. She has been an Ambassador for the Center with the positive relationship she has built with the Double Barrel. She has become one of their first contacts when they have extra product brought in by the community and there were days where she did a food run route twice a day. She made them a huge homemade card for the Double Barrel and got the signatures of everyone in the Largent building.

She has Created Joy for both her co-workers and families. She has brought in treats and snacks for staff periodically and with her families she put together activities and crafts for both Easter and Mother’s Day. She also helped with coordinating a scavenger hunt for the families and putting together letters and small gifts to show our families appreciation this past month.

She has continued to show Individuals Matter by keeping touch when families have been struggling and helping to advocate on their behalf with agencies such as DFS and still doing everything she can to help with skill building and communicating with all treatment team members.

She has been amazing in the way she has lived out the values and worked to serve her families and kids.

Congratulations, Jackie!