Char is a very caring and devoted employee. She is always one of the first people at work in the morning and is always very engaged in whatever she is working on. She is the “go-to” person for everything from office supplies to questions regarding how things operate. She wears many hats in her position and takes the “other duties assigned,” in her job description to a whole new meaning. Some of her many hats include; new hire/fellow employee trainer, party planner, office supplies guru, and season(s) decorator.¬†

Char was nominated by: Nominated by Jessica Lawrence, Youth Case Manager. 

Char is the person who changes the decorations for each season around the building. She is always willing to step up and step in when and wherever there is a need. She shows that individuals matter in several ways including; dropping whatever she is doing to assist a fellow employee with a need as well as being a shoulder to cry to anyone in need. She is an ambassador of the center in every aspect.

Char is conscientious of providing quality clinical care and ensuring our treatment plans and chart documentation are accurate and up to date. She in countless ways creates joy and shows individuals matter each and every day. She is usually the one to help with sitting up and planning holiday celebrations, birthdays, going away events, and she played a primary role in bring Christmas alive for the season. She absolutely deserves to be employee of the month.

About the Employee of the Month Award

The Center for Mental Health selects outstanding employees each month to represent the best of the best. We select one Employee of the Month to recognize and reward for exemplifying our values of:

  • Ambassador of the Center
  • Own it
  • Individuals Matter
  • Create Joy
  • Embrace Change
  • Show Up. Step In.

Want to nominate an employee?

Any employee may nominate any other eligible employee by completing a nomination form. Nominations are taken all month. The Senior Leadership Team will review the nominations and will announce the new Employee of the Month (EOM) by the following month.