Please congratulate Julie Prigmore, Service Line Director-Recovery for being nominated by Jessica Lawrence, Operations Manager-Recovery for Employee of the Month. Julie was voted for Employee of the Month by the Executive Team. (In photo Jessica (left) and Julie (right).)

Julie Prigmore is an asset to Many Rivers Whole Health. She demonstrates all the core values of Many Rivers Whole Health. However, above all, she values quality client care and is fueled by her genuine integrity and will stop at nothing to ensure that this is happening.

Although Julie is very clean and never has a hair out of place, she has demonstrated that she is not afraid to get her hands dirty! I noticed a pile of garbage outside of Largent, that had been there for several days. I spoke to Julie about this and as she consistently does, she showed up and stepped in, and willingly assisted me in cleaning the garbage.

Julie shows that individuals matter, by taking the time to talk to staff 1:1 when they are having issues. There was a particular staff member that was struggling, and Julie went out of her way to reach out to that staff member and set up a regular check-in with them to ensure that they were doing okay. This spoke volumes to these employees because it showed them that the Director of the service line, recognizes them, and values them enough to take the time to meet them where they were. THANK YOU, JULIE!

She embraces change and ensures that she is as transparent about the change as possible, as change is not always easily received. She is very person-centered with clients and staff. She believes that people should be treated as individuals and with respect.

The value that I admire the most about her is whether she dropped the ball on something, or her team, she will own it. She is solution-focused, and motivated to “do better,” which can I just say, is SUCH a breath of fresh air.

Julie is an Ambassador of Many Rivers Whole Health and is always willing to assist where there is a need. Whether the need is in another service line, a front desk crisis, or a news clip, she will rise to the occasion, and get it done! Julie never stops working! This is evident by the team messages the Recovery Line Supervisors receive at 11 pm and 3:45 am. She truly envisions where we need to be and is willing to put the work in to get there. (I am still trying to figure out how she runs on such little sleep and looks like she stepped out of a hallmark magazine!)

Finally, Julie creates joy, with her fun attitude, and contagious laugh. She recognizes that laughing is good for the soul, and during stressful times she will make lighthearted jokes, and then laugh until she is red in the face. This laugh is contagious and creates joy during chaos!

As previously stated, Julie is an absolute asset to Many Rivers Whole Health. I am very grateful to her! Please award her with the employee of the month vest that I know she will wear so elegantly!

Thanks, Julie, for all you do! You truly are appreciated!