Kellie is our outstanding Adult Group Home Case Manager here in Helena and makes a positive impact on our team. Kellie is such a hard worker who always goes above and beyond the goals set for us. Kellie displays excellent communication and teamwork skills that make the workplace a positive environment.

Kellie always puts her clients first. Watching and listening to her clients is indeed amazing! I love how she empowers her clients to always do their best in life and supports them during some of their hard struggles. When I think about Kellie, the following characteristics come to mind: courageous, resilient, persistent, perceptive, patient, caring and compassionate, dependable, motivated, trustworthy, and of course she has an amazing sense of humor that brings joy to her clients and coworkers!

Kellie is valued on so many levels and is appreciated more than she will ever know. It takes a village to meet our clients’ needs and that comes from building dependable relationships and working together as a great team! Kellie lives up to Many Rivers’ mission statement and values.

Thank you for all of your hard work and being the best office mate anyone could ask for!