Please congratulate Jillian DeAmicis-Danesi, Community Resource Coordinator, Helena for being nominated by Jennifer Preble, Licensed Program Supervisor-Outpatient Therapist ACM, Helena and voted for by the Regional Management Team for May Employee of the Month.

Here is what Jennifer said about Jillian:

Jillian consistently Shows Up and Steps In. She is well liked by her peers and clients. In the recent months, she has Embraced many Changes within her position and scope of duties. This creates working very diligently on the presenting problem, rather than a set schedule of clients, treatment plans and contacts. Jillian uses client-centered care consistently. In particular, there is one client, whom is very challenging to many employees as he is noncompliant with nearly all treatment recommendations, however is also in need of a lot of support. This supervisor observed Jillian multiple times remaining calm, consistent and assertive despite the client becoming increasingly agitated and demanding.

In many other cases, Jillian has demonstrated how Individuals Matters. In one day, she worked with a psychotic individual who had a deer leg hid under his pant leg and proceeded to show her as she is supporting him following a meeting from his federal probation officer to the Emergency Room for evaluation.

Moments after, she supported another client whom overdosed on prescribed medication and had erratic behaviors. She transitioned from one extreme situation to another while staying in contact with treatment team members and her supervisor. Jillian left that day knowing her next scheduled work day would begin with supporting an individual recently discharged from the Montanan State Hospital with severe OCD to utilize approved money to access two weeks at a hotel and basic food and clothing. In doing so, the individual continuously repeated the time and questioned every statement made. She has remained persistent with advocating for his needs over a couple of months and despite four denials to a nursing home level of care, she was able to assist with mental health stability that allowed for the individual to be accepted just this past week into an Adult Foster Care Home. Jillian is always willing to assist other programs, teams and take on more tasks when asked. Finally, Jillian is deserving of this prestigious recognition due to her continued and unwavering dedication.