Building a more resilient community

One life at a time.

Nurturing the whole person means understanding the challenges of spiritual, physical, and emotional wellness — and offering services to match. It also means understanding that each and every whole person faces unique choices and challenges.

To understand these unique needs, we start with an in-depth intake processes that helps us understand the complete person.

  • What makes you happy?
  • What’s holding you back?
  • How do you connect with loved ones and the community?
  • What keeps you disconnected?
This initial engagement serves as the foundation for our work together.

We can deliver both expert mental and behavioral health help. Our team will work closely with your doctor and other community partners to give you personalized, high quality care and help prevent avoidable complications.

Our talented teams work to do the following:

  • Educate and support you about your health conditions
  • Develop with you a personalized care plan that focuses on your healthcare goals
  • Constantly monitor your health
  • Help with medication management, alongside your personal pharmacist
  • Coordinate preventative health screenings
  • Support for families related to reunification, skill building and parenting classes
  • Give assistance with referrals to outside healthcare providers when necessary
  • Request medical records from any outside physicians or providers to aid in seamless healthcare
  • Find community resources needed to maintain your health
Any starting point, any desired destination.

Whether you are facing serious health issues or just looking to boost daily wellness, we’re ready to help. We can help you identify the obstacles standing between where you are and where you want to be.

We know that achieving while person health and wellness is complicated, often bringing together physical and mental challenges in ways that multiply that complexity.

  • This means many of our clients are fighting more than one battle at a time, such as trying to manage daily depression while managing the physical symptoms of COPD or heart disease.
  • Others might be facing problems that might not seem so severe, but are just as important. Trying to maintain weight goals while juggling the stress of job and family, for instance, can seem equally daunting.

Ultimately our goal is to turn daily resilience into life longevity. We want to help achieve higher health and happiness not just today, but for the rest of a longer life. That’s the goal: daily resilience and lifelong wellness.

This is the difference between healthcare and wellness. Healthcare is the intervention required once you’re already sick or suffering, while wellness is what we build to prevent you from getting sick in the first place.

Our behavioral health expertise

We are dedicated to providing top notch behavioral health services that:

  • Enhance your healthcare experience
  • Build your resiliency and independence
  • Improve your outcomes

And we do this by listening and involving you. We understand how important connection is for our work together. If you would like to try a provider to see if you have a connection, we offer a free 15-minute consultation.

Evidence-based interventions

Evidenced Based Interventions:

  • Prolonged Exposure therapy (PE)
  • SOSA groups
  • Acceptance and commitment therapy
  • Solution focused brief therapy
  • Trauma community resiliency model
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Prime for life
  • Equine therapy
Adult Therapeutic Group Home Care

A service for adults with severe disabling mental illness who demonstrate a need for additional supportive living services. They provide outreach and follow-up when a seriously ill client drops out of treatment and intervention when conditions deteriorate at home. Aides may assist the client with their daily living functions such as grocery shopping and housekeeping in order to help maintain the client in the community.

Rural community services

We understand that privacy can be an important factor in reaching out for assistance and we have options such as telehealth available in community-outpatient clinics as well as within your home. We are able to provide access to a larger group of mental health professionals and medical professionals who understand the unique challenges our rural neighbors live with day-to-day. Medication management, mental health therapy, anger management, ACT/Prime for Life, one-on-one substance use care, crisis services and case management support.

recovery Homes

Recovery Homes are private family homes that provide both housing and support to disabled mentally ill adults. Some individuals need the emotional support that a recovery home provides, others need additional help in learning the basics of community services. Recovery Homes complement other services including case management, psychiatric services, day treatment, etc. to provide a stable living environment for the individual.

day treatment

Provides a broad spectrum of therapeutic and rehabilitative services to adults in need of long-term care. It is designed to provide a therapeutic program, which teaches living, social and work adjustment skills. Clients are taught a variety of job skills, personal hygiene and social interaction including recreational activities. A hot meal is offered weekdays for a nominal fee.

We have a diverse team ready to help

Our focus has continued to change as the needs of our communities have changed. We have clinicians that specialize in people of all ages, backgrounds, cultural traditions, spiritual beliefs, and LGBTQ. We are a safe place provider and practice trauma-informed care.

Our professionally trained teams provide quality mental healthcare, diversified programming, and a full range of community-based services to both adults and children. The Center has 20 locations including outpatient, day treatment, transitional living, crisis stabilization and group homes.

These crucial programs are staffed by over 200 employees that include psychiatrists (MD), psychologists (PhD), clinical social workers (LCSW), professional counselors (LCPC), addiction counselors (LAC), nurses (APRN, RN, LPN), trained paraprofessionals, and certified peer specialists.

Whether you are facing serious health issues or just looking to boost daily wellness, we’re ready to help.

Call Us Today: 1.888.718.2100 to book a virtual or in-person appointment.

No one will be denied access to services due to inability to pay. There is a sliding fee schedule available.

Please see our Charity Care Policy as well as our sliding fee schedule.