Who We Serve

Diverse Needs, Dynamic Services

It can be challenging to find a services provider equipped to meet the divergent needs of your stakeholders. With challenges ranging from traditional behavioral health to a new generation of engaging ideas, our experts can make sure you honor the diverse nature of your organization with an equally unique set of offerings.

Many Rivers Whole Health serves a broad spectrum of individuals with severe behavioral health, as well as emotional and physical challenges ranging from children and adolescents to adults. Across our unique program offerings, we encounter people at various points in their behavioral health journey seeking to overcome a variety of unique challenges and concerns with their mental health and behavioral disorders.

Our specialized Behavioral Health Continuum allows us to come alongside a struggling individual and ensure they receive the expert treatment, personalized care, and specialized services they want in order to strive toward their best potential and set them up for a lifetime of success.

Client Testimonials

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Pathways to Greater Resilience

We are dedicated to 13 counties of Montana and seek to serve a variety of both individuals and groups in all settings. We define resilience as the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats or significant sources of stress — such as family and relationship problems, serious health problems, or workplace, school place and financial stressors — alongside those of chronic, severe disabling behavioral health conditions.

Open Door/Open Mobility

We have an open access policy. Call or stop in at any location to connect to learn about our services and access resources. We also have many programs that are mobile within our communities across our great state providing behavioral health care where it is needed most — right to the individual or group.

Diverse Populations with Diverse Needs

Our care pathways make us a prime partner in your behavioral health journey. We are experts in the behavioral health field and not only for severe disabling mental illness, but also for those who need support for life’s everyday challenges.

Mental illness is said to affect 1 in 4, but mental health affects 4 in 4. We all have struggles and behavioral health help should be as available as physical health support. We go beyond traditional mental health to a full expanse of behavioral health services. We proudly serve others from all walks of life.

Partnering with Us

We love to serve our communities and those individuals who live beside us in our beautiful state. We strive to give excellence in all we do and appreciate those that partner with us on an organizational level and those that invite us to be with them on their personal behavioral health journey.

We are here for the women, men, and youth of our communities. We are here to help organizations, companies of all sizes, schools, hospitals, first responders, law enforcement, and our American Indians. We are here for the wellness seeker, the athlete, the community leader, students of all ages, our veterans, and our neighbors.

Need support confronting mental illness, overcoming addiction, or making healthier daily choices? We can help.

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No one will be denied access to services due to inability to pay. Please see our Charity Care Policy as well as our sliding fee schedule.